Denver Post Turns Editorial Page over to Leftist Hacks Post Election

by denvergentleman

The New York Times editorial page is like a Ouija board that has only three answers, no matter what the question. The answers are: higher taxes, more restrictions on political speech and stricter gun control. –Ann Coulter

The same can be said for the Denver Post. Having bested its rival, The Rocky Mountain News, the Post has lost the incentive to maintain a level of moderate respectability. Now the last major daily in town consistently endorses Democrats and publishes the majority of its comments from left-wing loons while allowing Mike Rosen and Vincent Carol to remain as their token conservatives.

It seems that since the election, the loons have finally been allowed to take over the asylum. I draw this conclusion based on three incendiary commentaries that can only have been meant to rile the right and rub salt in their wounds after the disappointing election results. Fortunately, insulting columns advocating radical leftism are more likely to irritate than to persuade.

The first was a guest commentary, published Nov. 10, by Nathan Woodliff-Stanley, the executive director of the ACLU of Colorado, an organization whose stated mission is “to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties that the Constitution and laws of the United States guarantee everyone in this country.” He then goes on to criticize the Archdiocese of Denver for using its right to free speech to defend Catholics’ freedom of association and freedom to exercise their religion.

Woodliff-Stanley identifies himself as a Unitarian Universalist minister, which is telling. Just as he presumably does not require his flock to believe in the resurrection, it appears that he is also pretty lax about requiring his fellow ACLU members to believe in religious liberty.

Rev. Woodliff-Stanley never explains how forbidding people from conducting their private businesses in a way that is consistent with their religious faith does not infringe on religious liberties. Rather he labels as discrimination any reluctance to get with the program and blithely compares it to refusing service to black people in restaurants. This analogy is like comparing the Catholic Church’s policy of not ordaining women to burning witches, an argument I expect will turn up in the Post next week.

The next day, a moronic column by Rich Tosches called Romney voters morons because the states that ranked highest in college graduates went for Obama. The piece was filled with a slew of what would be considered racial slurs if liberals really expected equal respect be given to people of all colors and creeds, e.g. pork rinds, NASCAR, raccoon hunting, and possum eating to name a few.

Rich Tosches was presumably hired to replace the liberal orthodoxy of Ed Quillen, but he is not nearly as smart as Quillen as he openly admits in his dumb attack on dumb people. Incidentally, the top ten states by percentage of gay residents are D.C., New Hampshire, Washington Massachusetts, Maine, California, Colorado, Vermont, New Mexico and Minnesota. If Tosches’s logic holds, Romney voters are pretty dumb, and Obama voters are pretty gay. Perhaps the fact that higher academia is dominated by liberal professors intent on indoctrinating young minds has something to do with Toshes’s statistics.

Finally, the front page of the Nov. 18 perspective section, was given over to Meredith C. Carroll, known for her work at Disney’s online parenting magazine,, who provided an angry hysterical demand to ban guns in Colorado which likely prompted a high number of Colorado gun owners to go out and buy a high-capacity magazine just to spite her. This column is a great example of uninformed writing produced by gun-illiterate liberals. Carroll calls for changing Colorado’s “anachronistic” gun laws, passed by bi-partisan agreement in response to the Columbine shooting.

Particularly insulting is this line:

While students on college campuses around the country have had to run for their lives too many times to count from deranged classmates firing guns, Colorado colleges and universities are forced to welcome many brandishing them thanks to a recent state Supreme Court ruling upholding a ghastly law allowing students with concealed-weapons permits on campus.

Run-on much? If Carroll knew the meaning of the verb brandish, she would realize the error of using it to refer to concealed carry. Many what? Seems there is a missing noun here, but it looks like an attempt to refer to all students with carry permits as deranged. Furthermore, while schools are forced to follow the constitution, they are not forced to welcome students exercising their natural right to defend themselves and indeed CU has been very unwelcoming towards them.

Carroll then suggests that students are able to call the police and have them hold their hand as they walk through campus at night. That’s the difference between conservatives and liberals, conservatives don’t want, or need, or trust, the government to hold our hands. She finishes the piece by calling all Coloradans opposed to or reluctant to demand stricter gun control “yellow”.

These three columns represent what has been happening all over the country. Gloating Democrats are attempting to use the election to shift the discourse leftwards, pushing “forward” to restrain our liberties, and taking advantage of the momentary disarray of conservatives trying to figure out what happened on Nov. 6th. Luckily, with writers such as Carroll, Tosches, and Woodliff-Stanley, the arguments are being made in ways likely to help conservatives rather than hurt them.